Wine making kits - Hambleton Bard
Wine making kits - Hambleton Bard

Fruit and malt crushers for homebrew use

Fruit crushers and malt crushers are used to prepare the raw materials for your fermentation into wine or beer. If you want to extract the juice from apples, pears or any other fruit or berries, you will need a fruit press. However, in order to press the fruit, you need to crush it first. The manual alternative is to cut your apples in small slices before attempting to press them, but that is very time consuming so you can buy a special crusher to do the job. For malt, the crusher is required to "open up" the grains before you proceed with beer making.

Bulldog Malt Mill

Bulldog Malt Mill

Precision malt mill for the all-grain brewer. Adjustable crushing gap, double rollers connected via a gear box, generous 7L hopper and the mill comes with a drill attachment for power drill as well as the normal handle. One of the best mills on the market.

More details on Bulldog Malt Mill here.

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Fruit crusher instruction here

Better Brew fruit crusher 7L

A high quality steel machine for crusing any fruit (without hard stones). This model has a 7L size hopper and can be rested straight on top of a bucket for collecting the crushed fruit.

It is very simple to use. Basic safety instructions are: Don't try to use it without the hopper and keep your hands well away from the crushing mechanism during operation. Maintenance: Wash out with hot water after use and store dry. For long term storage, grease metal surfaces with edible oil.

Malt crusher instruction here


The Eschenfelder malt crusher 7L


This is a piece of outstanding German machinery. All moving parts are stainless steel and mounted with quality ball bearings. The general build quailty is very high, it is built to last.

The crushing gap is precision adjustable so you can fine tune the size for perfect beer making. The minimum roller gap is factory set at 0.3 mm for transport. For the first use, turn the adjustment screw between 1/2 and 1/1 turn anti-clockwise (anti-clockwise increases gap, clockwise decreases gap). The optimum gap is when 90% of the grains are crushed and you will need to fine tune this for each grain as quality and consistency vary. Adjustment range is between 0.3mm - 6mm.

The wooden hopper holds a generous 7 litres which is approximately the same as 4 kgs of malt.

This crusher can be motorised. It comes with a power drill fitting as well as the crank.