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DoubleSnake Turbo Yeast

DoubleSnake turbo yeast was developed by the manufacturer of Alcotec, using new developments in alcohol recipes to produce a very affordable range of yeast for alcohol production for home distillation (where legal).

Turbo C3 doublesnake

C3 Turbo Yeast

DoubleSnake C3 will ferment 14-15% alcohol in 3 days, or up to 17% alcohol in 5 days. For 14-15%, use 6 kgs of sugar and top up to 25L with water. For 17% alcohol, use 7 kgs of sugar instead. You can use either normal sugar, or brewing sugar (dose approx 10% extra if using brewing sugar).

This reliable turbo is based on the famous Turbo3 which is a Scandinavian turbo yeast, the first turbo ever produced (that was in the early 1990's) and still going strong in Scandinavia. C3 has a slightly more modern recipe but otherwise very similar. Why change something fantastic.

Turbo Vodka Star

C-Star Turbo Yeast

DoubleSnake C-Star will take 5-6 days to produce around 14% alcohol if you use 6 kgs of sugar (normal white sugar) in a total volume of 25 litres (top up with water, nothing else). You can also use Brewing Sugar - that is slightly better for purity but you need to use 6.5 kgs instead for the same result. Best fermentation temperature (air temp) is 22-25 C.

Turbo yeast C24

C24 Turbo Yeast

DoubleSnake C24 is a 24-hour turbo yeast. It will produce almost 14% alcohol from a mix of 6 kgs of sugar in 25L total volume (top up with water). The fantastic bit is that it will get there in only 24 hours. To achieve this, we have a massive dose of yeast inside so we don't have to wait very long for the normal yeast propagation at start.

Best (room) fermentation temperature is around 25C but anything between 20-30C will work.

Turbo C48 yeast

C48 Turbo Yeast

The C48 is a "dual" turbo yeast. Dual means that you can choose whether to make a moderate level of alcohol fast (48 hours max), or a high level of alcohol (5 days). You control the choice by adding different levels of sugar at start. If you add 6 kgs (25L total volume), you will do the fast fermentation up to 14% alcohol. If you add instead 8 kgs of sugar (still into 25L total volume), you will automatically target 19% alcohol instead in 5 days.

It is also possible (but it requires perfect temperature control) to ferment out 9 kgs of sugar (in 25L total) and reach 21% alcohol. Note: You MUST have access to cooling facilities to do this. Your wash WILL overheat if you try without mantle cooling or inner spiral water cooling.

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